The Texas Zoo
The Texas Zoo
Events and News

Events and News

Regularly Scheduled Events:

Keeper Chats:  Daily 11am 

Zoowise:  Daily 2pm

ZoosDays (fun and educational activities for preschool age children):  Tuesday 10am

ZooSquad (fun and educational activities for children in 1st-3rd grade): Tuesday 3:30pm

Otter Training:  Tuesdays & Fridays 12pm

Gator Feeding & Program:  Wednesday & Saturday 12pm

Lion Training:  Thursday & Sunday 12pm

Animals LIVE!: Saturday & Sunday 1pm

Own Your Fear: Fridays 11:30am

Primate Encounter:  Saturdays 3:30pm (not included with admission)



 Up Coming Events


January 1: Zoo Closed
January 1: Photography Contest Starts
January 18-19: Dollar Days
January 25: Native American Cultural Event 9am-4pm
January 28: Life Science Day – 9am-2pm (pre-registration required)


February 14: Valentines’ Day Babysitting – 5:30pm-8:30pm
February 22: Animal Olympics – 9am-4pm


March 8: JavePerks 9am-12pm
March 10-14: Journey Spring Break Camp 9am-12pm
March 10-14: Odyssey Spring Break Camp 9am-4pm 
March 21: Wild About Wine 7pm-11pm


April 5: Breakfast with Bunny – 8am-10am
April 11-13 Sea Lion Splash 9am-4pm
April 26: Earth Day with Dora The Explorer  9am-4pm


June 7-8: Reptile Weekend – 9am-12pm
June 9-13: Girl Scouts Camp 9am-4pm (With over night on June 12th)
June 9-11: Mommy and Me Camp (Age 3) 9am-12pm
June 11: $3 Day
June 16-19: Zoo Explorers Camp 4th-6th grade 9am-4pm
June 16-19: Zoo Crew Camp 1st-2nd Grade 9am-12pm
June 21: Triple Threat Theatre Summer Camp performs 
June 23-27: Zoo Friends Camp Pre-K-K 9am-12pm
June 23-27: Reptile Camp 1st-2nd Grade 1pm-4pm


July 7-10: Drawn To Animals Art Camp 6th-9th Grade 9am-12pm
July 7-10: Around The World Camp 3rd-4th Grade 1pm-4pm
July 9: $3 Day
July 14-18: Zoo Warrior Camp 3rd-4th Grade 9am-4pm
July 18: Brew & Q at The Zoo
July 21-25: Conservation Rangers Camp 5th-6th Grade 9am-4pm
July 22-28: MuZooum Trot Camp 
July 28-August 1: Camp Zoology 6th-12th Grade 9am-4pm
July 29-31: Zoomu Camp Ages 4-8 years 9am-4pm


August 13: $3 Day


September 20: Cowboys & Coyotes 10am-10pm