The Texas Zoo
The Texas Zoo
Events and News

Events and News


Regularly Scheduled Events: 

Keeper Chats:  Daily 11am 

Zoowise:  Daily 2pm 

ZoosDays (fun and educational activities for preschool age children):  Tuesday 10am

Gator Feeding & Program:  Wednesday & Saturday 12pm

Lion Training:  Thursday & Sunday 12pm

Animals LIVE!: Saturday & Sunday 1pm

Own Your Fear: Fridays 11:30am

Primate Encounter:  Saturdays 3:30pm (not included with admission)      


Up Coming Events:

Native American Cultural Event: August 15th 9am-4pm

Passholders:Free  $10 General Public

We will be having our Native American Cultural Event that will include authentic Native American musicians, dancers, vendors, artisans, as well as crafts, and storytellers! This is a great introduction to the Native American Culture. There are also Boyscout merit badge opportunities.

We've partnered with Collette on some new tours around the world - to find out more click link below:

New Tours