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Events and News

Events and News


Regularly Scheduled Events: 

Keeper Chats:  Daily 11am 

Zoowise:  Daily 2pm 

ZoosDays (fun and educational activities for preschool age children):  Tuesday 10am (August - May)

Gator Feeding & Program:  Wednesday & Saturday 12pm

Lion Training:  Thursday & Sunday 12pm

Animals LIVE!: Saturday & Sunday 1pm

Own Your Fear: Fridays 11:30am

Primate Encounter:  Saturdays 3:30pm (not included with admission)      


Up Coming Events:

Gator Day at The Texas Zoo

7/23/16 9am-4pm

$10 Adults & $8 Children General Public/ Free For Passholders    

The Texas Zoo is bringing back Gator Day for the first time since 2011. Gator Day a celebration of summer and our scaly sidekicks! The day will schedule holds two shows with Gary Saurage’s team (animals included) from Gator Country and other reptile themed programming throughout the day! Gary and his staff have been featured on several television programs and are most known for their show “Gator 911” on CMT. His team specializes in live capture and relocating alligators and other wildlife. In between programs children will have the chance cool down in water slides and other fun activities. Come take a bite out of your summer at The Texas Zoo’s Gator Day 2016!