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Events and News

Events and News

Photo Contest at The Texas Zoo: January 1st - June 30th

Do you love photography and animals? Then bring your favorite camera and equipment to capture the spirit of our animals here at the Zoo with your best picture. The photographs will be judged to see who will make it on our 2016 Texas Zoo calendar! To compete in the Photo Contest, you must be 13 years or older. Fill out an entry form and remember each photo submission is only $5! The photos must be taken at the Zoo in 2015 so plan your trip to the Zoo before June 30th to submit your photos! 

 Entry Form:


Regularly Scheduled Events:

Keeper Chats:  Daily 11am 

Zoowise:  Daily 2pm

ZoosDays (fun and educational activities for preschool age children):  Tuesday 10am

ZooSquad (fun and educational activities for children in 1st-3rd grade): Tuesday 3:30pm

Gator Feeding & Program:  Wednesday & Saturday 12pm

Lion Training:  Thursday & Sunday 12pm

Animals LIVE!: Saturday & Sunday 1pm

Own Your Fear: Fridays 11:30am

Primate Encounter:  Saturdays 3:30pm (not included with admission)



 Up Coming Events

Earth Day Celebration May 16th 9am-4pm

Join The Texas Zoo and Keep Victoria Beautiful in celebration and learning about what makes the planet an amazing place to live and how to make smarter and greener living choices. The day will be fun activities and programming. For the most up to date information visit

Reptile Weekend: June 6-7 9am-4pm

Regular Admission

Do you like snakes, turtles, tortoises, alligators, and lizards? Join us for an exciting and up-close view of reptiles here at The Texas Zoo.


Native American Cultural Event: June 20th 9am-4pm

Passholders:Free  $10 General Public

We will be having our Native American Cultural Event that will include authentic Native American musicians, dancers, vendors, artisans, as well as crafts, and storytellers! This is a great introduction to the Native American Culture. There are also Boyscout merit badge opportunities.

Cowboys and Coyotes: July 18 9am-4pm

Passholders:Free  $10 General Public                                                                                                         Come spend a day in the life of an early day American at The Texas Zoo! Join us for a fun-filled family day of "gold" mining, quilting, whittling, pony rides, contest, archery, square dancing, hide tanning, story tellers, covered wagon, cowboy chats, and much more! More details about this event are coming soon.