Q. Can I bring my pets to the zoo?
  A. Unfortunately, because of regulations pets are not allowed in to the zoo. However, service animals are welcome on grounds under the care of it's handler.

Q. When does the zoo open?
  A. The zoo opens at 9am daily. Hours of operation and other general information can be found by clicking "here".

Q. Can we bring food or drink into the zoo?
  A. Outside food and drink are not allowed into the zoo. Exceptions: bottled water and baby food/formula. 

Q. Does the zoo have strollers and wheelchairs for rent?
  A. We have strollers for rent $2 per day. However, we do not have any wheel chairs for rent.

Q. I found an injured or orphaned animal, what do I do?
  A.  First assess the situation and make sure the animal is in need of intervention. (The Humane Societies website has some very helpful information that might help.) After it's determined that rehabilitation is necessary give call Shree Allen at 979-244-6710.